It has been nearly two years since the coastal region specifically Lamu County; protested the building of a coal-fired energy plant on the island, a major tourist attraction, and a UNESCO heritage site. Environmental activists descended on the capital in what campaigners described as the first anti-coal demonstration “clean coal is a lie” stating that considerable damage to the natural and marine resources which this region is well endowed would be detrimental and destroy fishermen and farmers’ livelihoods.

Once again, the environment is under considerable threat as discovered by the ongoing investigations carried out by the National Environmental and Management Authority (NEMA) that has set-apart Kilindini Port in Mombasa County to several malpractices and noncompliance as per the set license conditions of the handling, transportation, storage and disposal of the waste oil.

Kilindini Harbor

This is in complete violation to the Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA) CAP 387 of the Laws of Kenya , Environmental Management and Coordination Act (Waste Management) Regulations, and the National Environmental and Management Authority (NEMA) Regulations for the management of hazardous waste of which Used Oil and sludge fall in, in addition to; flammable waste, explosive waste, radioactive waste, carcinogenic waste, toxic waste and persistent waste.

To this a notice circulated by the Authority Director General Mamo B. Mamo has suspended the processing of Environmental

Impact Assessment Reports for Used and Waste Handling Facilities such as transfer stations, recycling plants and disposal sites

Mamo B. Mamo, Director General.

with immediate effect until the ongoing investigations are finalized and appropriate interventions put in place.

Are you operating a small generator, a bulk generator, garages, used oil treatment plants, recycling and disposal facilities, industrial machinery? Are you wondering if you fall under the risk of prosecution due to noncompliance? For instance, if your facility does not have a drain system connected to an oil water interceptor, you are non-compliant!

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