It has been nearly two years since the coastal region specifically Lamu County; protested the building of a coal-fired energy plant on the island, a major tourist attraction, and a UNESCO heritage site. Environmental activists descended on the capital in what campaigners described as the first anti-coal demonstration “clean coal is a lie” stating that considerable damage to the natural and marine resources which this region is well endowed would

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NEWS: Regional judicial chiefs discuss environment and Tech.

Environmental Law provides the mechanism for addressing Environmental Harm under the Environment Management and Co-ordination Act (EMCA) CAP 387 of the Laws of Kenya. The Law describes the legal rules and regulations to protect, conserve and reduce the human impacts on the Environment. It is, therefore, the mandate of those empowered by the rule of law to see to it that the Environment is protected. During the 3-day conference of

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Celebrating Earth Day 2021

GreenKenya investment Corporation joins the Earth Day Organization in celebrating Earth Day 202. The theme for this year’s Earth Day is “Restore Our Earth” which focuses on natural processes and emerging green technologies that can restore the world’s ecosystems. Let us join hands to restore the Earth. Let us be earth ambassadors because if the earth is safe, we are safe. As GreenKenya Investment Corporation always says, ‘GOING GREEN FOR

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Going Green TOGETHER

Kitui County was well represented during the GKIC commissioning of a new office in Kitui County. Mr. Patrick Musau, CEC, Ministry of Tourism, Sports & Culture planted a tree on behalf of Kitui County Government at the GKIC Kitui Branch as GreenKenya Investment Corporation (GKIC) Director General Mr Mutua P. Nzoka and staff witnessed the amazing gesture. We are going green for life, forever together. No one is left behind!

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Going Green for Life, Forever

GreenKenya Investment Corporation (GKIC) believes in words followed by action, not just words. The photo below shows GreenKenya Investment Corporation Director General, Mr Mutua P. Nzoka planting a tree at the GKIC Kitui County branch offices. GKIC values life, safety, health, and environmental conservation. That is why we are known for real estate investments and at the same time, we offer environmental impact assessment and audit services. We encourage everyone

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Apartment for Rent: Nine Planets

Nine Planets Estate — 3-bedroom apartment plus sq. for rent along Ngong Road behind Prestige Plaza Shopping Mall. It is strategically placed near the main road, Prestige shopping mall, and Yaya Centre. Choosing Nine Planets will be one of the best decisions you will ever make in 2021. Despite the stress from the pandemic, you will have peace of mind in a cosy and serene environment. GreenKenya Investment Corporation cares about you, your

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